Drop the baggage

Never dwell in your past. Dont shed new tears over old wounds. Let go of the past grudges. Forgive those who hurt you and apologize when necessary. But never take forgiving them to mean remaining in your life. Forgive them and let them go. People deserve second chances but not with you but someone else. You are not a rehabilitation unity for petty offenders in your life.

Let go of everyone from your past who you never need. It doesnt matter what they used to be in your past life. Dont give a damn even though it may hurt them. Your happiness is the most essence thing. You can never get a better thing if you keep on holding on to the good.

Life is a journey, and better travelled carrying only what you need. Unnecessary baggage will only drag you down. Dyfunctional relationships, meaningless conversations, shallow connections etc. Keep reviewing your life to know what you need and what you dont need.

Never speculate a need, nobody knows about tomorrow. Dont hold on to relationships you nolonger need because you think you may need them in the future. Cross bridges when you reach them


6 thoughts on “Drop the baggage

  1. Dear Ambrose,

    Your post is devastating and honest. It reminds me that heartache can’t be turned off with a switch, it is one of many forces that shape us into who and what we are. Learning to forgive, letting go, and moving on is key to healing and I hope you find what it is you are looking for. You make your own adventure, just remember that you are never alone.



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